Understanding digital natives and new users

Digital Thinking & Service Design Centre for Behavioural Research

Digital Shopping is a crowded opportunity, and one that is fraught with stereotypical insights. While analytics threw up plenty of data, what was missing was a deep understanding on the “why”, explaining behaviour and online decision making. For this project, we studied behaviour and decision making from the perspective of personas with different digital maturities.


Specifically, this study focused on the intuitive and specificity of the governing attitude and motivation that drove behaviour. Also, since most e-commerce successes were based on the premise of heavy discounting, the project also sought to assess the ‘Value’ behind online purchases and its relationship with pricing. Resulting insights from the study gave clear recommendations for e- commerce to build strategies for customer acquisition, platform adoption, and monetisation of services.

Industry E-Commerce
  • Digital Thinking
  • Service Design
  • Design Design Prototypes


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