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Every time you enter any Indian household you will notice one appliance that breaks the aesthetic of the house. It always stands out like a sore thumb. Yes, we are talking about the humble Water Purifier, fit above the kitchen sink in most homes. Many brands stick to a very utilitarian design that includes the Purifier Unit, Power Cord, an Inlet and Outlet Water Supply, and a Pre Filter. All making no attempts to hide themselves. And on top of it, there are a few designs in the market that expose the internals in a bid to make it look more naked…exposed.

Enter, Aquaguard: a name that is synonymous with water purifiers in India. Eureka Forbes wanted us to buck the trend and reinvent the wheel with the design of their very popular Dr. Aquaguard Classic water purifier. And, as is the case with most of our design pursuits, we - at Future Factory - ushered in a new convention in water purifier design with the new Dr. Aquaguard Classic+ and completely reinvigorated an otherwise “innovation dry” segment.

The flush mounted gas stove system in the U.S. gave us the direction to take with the design for the Classic+. Thus, we integrated the water purifier into the wall. This approach transformed the water purifier system that addressed functionality and aesthetic need together without any compromise for modern new-age Indian kitchens. Our first-to-market design strategy was one of the key factors acknowledged by Red Dot and we were awarded for our design ingenuity.

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Designing the Classic+

While the Dr. Aquaguard Classic is a Classic in the true sense with its Dual Cylinder design and for pioneering UV tech in purifiers, the design was getting a little long in the tooth. And therefore, we were tasked with building a new product design that had a contemporary edge and yet maintained the legacy of the brand.

Thus was born the Classic+. Our designers at Future Factory – an award winning design studio – envisaged and recreated a modern reinterpretation of the 21-year-old best selling water purifier - the original Dr. Aquaguard Classic. The design thinking and design research process began with conversations with interior designers and architects who are at the heart of building homes. The consensus was they wanted a water purifier with modern aesthetics that could blend in without being an eyesore. Future Factory’s designers were obviously up to the task.

The Classic+ is the world’s first in-wall water purifier that’s also slim, compact and sleek with the best technology application in the purifier market. Made entirely out of unibody plastic, the chamfered edges form a bevel that not only enhances the simplicity of the design but also makes it very easy to use. The Classic+ was designed in two variants - a wall mount one and one that is concealed within the wall. In both these form factors, the filter is built into the casing, and the front panel is easy to remove in case it requires servicing. The only difference is the back panel is made of plastic on the wall mount option and the concealed Classic+ has a metal rear casing.

Furthermore, to actually pick out the right materials for the product engineering and prototyping of the Classic+, engineers from Future Factory scoured through the alleyways of Korean markets. That’s the level of commitment that’s required to completely reimagine and execute some of the most innovative ideas out there.To enhance the simplicity in design and enhance user experience, we creatively engineered the UI and UX design too. The single CapSense touch sensitive button with a blinking LED intuitively animates when the purification process is on, lights up when the water is ready, and blinks when it is time to service the purifier. This user interface design is unique, fresh and user-friendly.

The Love and Accolades

The real testament to the fact that the Classic+’s design is a success is the fact that it fetched one of the highest design accolades of modern-day appliances - Red Dot Design award. For the uninitiated, winning a Red Dot award is like winning an Oscar for design. Our engineers were obviously stoked about it and went to receive the award in Germany.

“The reimagined design for the Classic+ is the epitome of design creativity and innovation made to brief. The simplistic, minimalistic design blends into any aesthetic and most of our customers are extremely happy with their purchase too. We trusted only Future Factory, the best product design agency in India to get it right and our decision was validated by the Red Dot design award ,” said Shashank Sinha from Eureka Forbes.

Changing Your Perspective About Water Purifier

The award winning design of the Classic+ is testimony to the fact that Future Factory’s innovation and technology engine runs at top gear all the time. With this project, we not only revamped the design for the benefit of an entire category of products (and the industry at large), we also achieved optimum functionality, which is a tougher task. Good aesthetics and a functionally superior product don’t necessarily have to be exclusive. In fact, with the Classic+ we’ve managed to successfully marry the two. With the Classic+, your kitchen doesn’t need to look drab and uninspiring anymore.



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