Crafting an interactive application to enable sales

Abracadabra Digital

In the soft furnishing industry, much of the budget is spent on a sales force who enable potential customers to see the fabric for themselves before purchase. The business needed to reduce the cost of this person-to-person interaction by introducing an interactive application that would allow customers to visualize fabrics on the furniture. The challenge lay in bringing the user experience of visualizing and selecting furnishing items as close to reality as possible, in a virtual environment.


The team worked with the technology partner for Abracadabra, to study typical use scenarios, and then define information architecture and application interactions. The result was an interactive application where customers in a Furnishings & Furniture Mall could browse various Furniture Designs (styles) and Fabrics (swatches), mixing and matching the styles and swatches to create their won home décor designs. The scope extended to code development and testing and at launch, the database stored an extensive 500 styles and over 3000 swatches. Its deployment not only helped the client reduce expenditure on its sales force but increase overall sales as well.

Industry Retail
  • User Research
  • Wireframes
  • Information Architecture
  • Code Development
  • Integration


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