Assessing opportunity, in digital payments

Digital Thinking & Service Design Centre for Behavioural Research

Financial Inclusion is an ambitious initiative, and a major Indian brand was looking to capitalise on the rural opportunity for digital payments. Yet rural India is slow to adopt given behavioural aspects, context of technology, and other complex barriers. The project was designed to understand these aspects and make recommendations on how we could the brand could establish itself in this new business opportunity.


This was a cultural study around how rural folk feel about credit, technology, trust and money. We also closely studied key use cases ( transferring money, receiving government payments, etc) through ethnographic interventions. Alongside, the study covered how indirect competitors such as telecom players, had successfully addressed user insights for business action. The result was a recommendation on product/service offerings with a clear backdrop on culture and how it was likely to drive behaviour and influence the outcome.

Industry Security and Banking
  • Digital Thinking
  • Service Design


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