Service design, for a consumer internet business

Digital Thinking & Service Design Centre for Behavioural Research

A consumer internet business was looking to boost sales from certain premium services, in order to boost their net margins.


Analytics threw up plenty of data, and chatbots were able to address site efficiency, making the user experience simple and user friendly. But what was missing was an understanding of context and intent. What kind of benefits were users seeing value in, and how would they intend to use them? What would make the premium services offering relevant.

The team worked on an agile, human centred approach, structured around sprints. Helping the technology and business teams understand how to remake, and repackage the service offerings. The recommendations were changes around the service blueprint, and also specifically design changes on the platform to structure the communication of the service offerings, around the right nudges in the journey.

Industry Consumer Internet Business
  • Digital Thinking
  • Service Design
  • Design Prototypes


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