Centre for Behavioural Research

About us

Unlocking value, by design research

We are part of the Future Factory group, Asia’s leading design and innovation firm affiliated to the $Bn Godrej Group. We help unlock value through a human-centred approach to design.

isn’t the answer

How it will change our lives, is.

We live in a time when technology feasibility isn’t as much a risk, as is its successful adoption, or its value in our lives. And the discipline of traditional market research fails to help us understand this correctly.

Set up in 2005, the centre focuses on developing new approaches to understanding users, crafted specially to guide design effort. Our design research tools help technology firms, social foundations, and corporate teams to create technology solutions that speak to the people who will use it.

By Behaviour?

Henry Ford once said,” If I asked the user I would have made a faster horse”. Its hard for users to articulate un-met needs, and not wise to ask them what we should do next. But by keen observation, it becomes possible to uncover deep insights, and by being “user informed”, we can create truly, meaningful solutions.

The Centre focuses on design research methods, from the discipline of behavioural, cognitive and social sciences. Over 15 years, we have developed a 50 method toolkit, and helped global organisations use it to create successful solutions, to meet their goals.

We have worked with technology firms, consumer brands, foundations, and governments, to help them tap into rare insights. And use them to build meaningful strategies and successful solutions for the future.

Our Work

From devising a unique proposition for a healthcare business in emerging markets, to helping a service brand boost business impact though user experience, and advising a global development fund to reduce food loss and protect vulnerable communities…

We build user understanding, craft meaning, to achieve impact.