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In a world where water is scarce and precious, some communities get running water for less than and hour a day. Future Factory’s designers spent months with families watching them cope with India’s biggest urban challenge – managing water for home use. Current usage involved heavy immovable drums and a barrage of miscellaneous buckets that took up all liveable space. Clearly, the biggest constraints were space and replenishing storage easily.


Stacket is an innovation combining the convenience and nesting of a conventional bucket with the stackability of the traditional Indian ‘Matka’. This allowed thrice the storage capacity for every square foot of space and changed the way water was managed by women at home.

Also inherent in the design, was usage and ergonomics. The square form is almost a fifth more space efficient as compared to the conventional circular bucket and sits easily against the body while carrying, reducing body fatigue and improving ergonomics. Even when stacked, open corners allow users to refill easily using a hose improving usability. The corners work as spouts for easy, controlled pouring.

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